About The Professor

Welcome! I live in the US Virgin Islands, on the island of St. Thomas. I have been retired for many years, so now I can do what I want to do whenever I want to do it. Most of the time, that involves something on the internet. My interests are varied, and I have a website built around many of them.

I am a web designer. My first website, ProfessorsOpportunities.com, has a portfolio showing many of my creations.

I am a web programmer. ProfessorsCodingCorner.com is a compilation of advice, tutorials, and code snippets, all of which are free for the taking.

For a time after my retirement, I designed websites for friends and acquaintances, and most often accepted a quid pro quo in lieu of payment. Recently, however, I decided to stop doing even that much work. Now I'm just having fun. And for me, that is writing new posts and/or renovating some of my favorite old websites.

So please take a look at my recent work in My Favorite Sites .

To Your Success!

The Professor